Spreadsheet Auditor

Image of Auditor Ribbon Bar

Spreadsheet Auditor provides version control and powerful review tools to Microsoft Excel.

  • Save time reviewing a model by quickly identifying what cells have changed, the dependents of those cells, and exceptions;
  • Maintains versions automatically so you don’t have to worry about incrementing file versions or making sure you are working on the latest;
  • Same tools can be used to compare any file to any other file;
  • Seeing cell relationships quickly and easily, even including other sheets and range-names;

Spreadsheet Auditor is available as either an Excel Add-in or a stand-alone application:

  • Automatically maintains versions as the user works*:
    • Defaults can be set for all files so no further action is required;
    • Individual files can override default setting to backup more or less frequently;
    • Intelligent version control: maintains versions when a different user saves a file or the file is modified without Spreadsheet Auditor;
  • Overview provides the audit tools:
    • Changes to formulas and constants, whether in a cell or a range name;
    • Indicators for cell contents such as constants, errors, external file references;
    • Matching formulas and exceptions are highlighted;
    • Multiple levels of precedents and dependents, also including range names;

* Only available in the “Add-In” version.

Version 1.0 of Spreadsheet Auditor is now available, compatible with Microsoft Excel 2007/2010.  If you would like further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Video Tutorial

Watch this video introduction to see how Spreadsheet Auditor can help you!